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What can our training service offer you?


      The most basic step to doing anything is having knowledge of what it is. Providing you with firearms safety, fundamentals, verbiage, etc. Knowledge is          power and with great power comes greater responsibility.


After attending the training, you will leave with a greater understanding and respect for firearms. You have just taken on the first steps                        towards responsibility. Responsibility in the context of legal knowledge, situational awareness, firearms safety, responsibility to protect yourself and those around you. Responsibility builds confidence.   



Self assurance through one's own abilities. Creating confidence through firearms training helps create a sense of respect. Respect for the tool itself but  also respect of yourself. One of the inspirational aspect of being a firearms instructor is watching new shooters achieve that confidence level. When you have confidence, you can rise up to the challenge.



Every aspect of your life, there should be goals. For these goals to be meaningful and valuable, they need to be challenged. Anything that comes easy    is not remembered or worthwhile but those that are valuable comes with a challenge. No one wants mundane training so this training will present many challenges for you to think through and overcome to achieve the goal. Challenge yourself to keep your freedom.  


      Freedom from fear. We live in a fearful society but do we have to live in fear? Having firearms training helps achieve another level of knowledge,                  responsibility, and confidence. Having all these skills breaks you free from the bonds of fear and creates the mold for freedom.



     Because who wants to do something boring??? Training is fun. It is a time to learn something new and apply what you learned into action. There will           always be something new to learn from this training program and you will be challenged every level. 

What does this all mean?


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