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10-33 Tactical Defense is Las Vegas' Premier Firearms Training. The training programs provided are geared towards preparedness for any of modern day emergencies and are continually developing to incorporate future endeavors. Shooters at 10-33 Tactical Defense are comprised from all walks life. At 10-33 Tactical Defense, our client's common goal is preparedness through dedicated development of their shooting skills and mindset.  


10-33 Tactical Defense was developed by its president and lead instructor, Quan Nguyen. He has 12 years of Law Enforcement experience and 4 years in the Army National Guard. He has been a firearms instructor since 2011 and dedicated thousands of hours training civilians, military, police officers, and recruits. 

Quan has attended hundreds of hours of firearms related training and developed hundreds of lesson plans/programs for various law enforcement agencies for their in-service and recruit training. 

Quan's Achievements/Certifications:

  • TCOLE Firearms Instructor Certification 

  • WSCJTC Firearms Instructor Certification 

  • Glock Armorer

  • Carbine Armorer

  • SWAT

  • SWAT Sniper

  • HEAT Team

  • DUI Enforcement

  • Field Training Officer

  • Honor Guard

About Us

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